$5-ish Moslem Friendly Meal in Auckland City

I move to Auckland as student on scholarship, after 10 years working with full income. Therefore I have to adjust my lifestyle, including finding the cheapest place to eat.

To be honest, it’s not easy thing to do in Auckland. First,even the cheapest food here can be categorized expensive in Indonesian currency. And second, even it’s cheap, it still has to comply with halal criteria.

So after a week in Auckland, here are the list:

  1. Domino Pizza, the vegetarian option. Its value-range pizza costs only $5 (8 slices). Their vegetarian options include: Cheesy Garlic, Simply Cheese and Veg Trio. There’s also classic Margharita for $6. They have a lot of branches and there are 2 branches in Auckland CBD (near Queen Street).
  2. Kebab, wrap or rice dish. Most of kebab stalls in Auckland CBD offer halal option. I know 2 stalls: Star Kebab on Queen Street and King Kebab in AUT that offers student deal $5 on weekday 9am-9pm.
  3. NZ Kebabs Sensational Chicken on 11a Mount Street. In addition to kebab and rice dish, this place offers Chicken and Chips, started at $5.

I will update the list when I found new places.


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