Fettucini with Shimeji Mushroom


I usually go with spaghetti and champignon mushroom, but last week I accidentally grabbed a pack of fettucini instead of spaghetti and there was no a single good pack of champignon mushroom in the store, so I took the other mushroom instead, which then I know from google that it is called shimeji mushroom.

Shimeji mushroom (also known as crab mushroom) is smaller size mushrooms, attached together in the bottom of its stalks. Apparently it is normally used in soup or japanese dishes, so if you look for the recipe, almost none mentions pasta. Shimeji mushroom comes with brown and white color. I took the white one because it looks so clean and fresh.

White Shimeji Mushroom

I use the usual simple ingredients for my pasta dish: garlic, chili, olive oil and salt.

How to cook:

  • Cook fettucini in bouling water, remember that fettucini will need more time to cook than spaghetti.
  • Chop garlic and chili in smallest piece as possible.
  • Cut the bottom of shimeji mushroom, and separate each stalk.
  • Heat olive oil in the pan, when it is hot put chopped garlic and chili, sautee till a bit brownish.
  • Put the shimeji mushroom in, sautee for 3-5 minutes. Ensure the mushroom is cooked, otherwise it will taste bitter.
  • Put fettucini in, add some salt and mix together. Done!

I like the taste of my invented recipe, shimeji mushroom is more chewy than champignon mushroom and it goes very well with garlic and chili.

Fettucini and Shimeji Mushroom


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