Illustro 1 Day – the best disposable softlens for travellers

I have myopia but I hate to wear glasses when travelling because it is not practical. So I switched to softlens for day time use about 10 years ago. At first I used 6-monthly soflens, but again it was not practical, as I have to bring along the softlens pack and liquid with me. The liquid itself will be a problem if I only travel with a carry-on baggage.

When I went to South Korea in 2012, it was the first time I used daily disposable soflens, and I love everything about it, except for the price! So then began my quest to find the perfect daily disposable softlens.

I have tried Acuvue Moist and Acuvue Trueye (both are Johnson & Johnson’s products) and Dailies (Ciba Vision’s product). Acuvue Trueye is the best of the three, it is comfortable on the eyes and easy to take it off. But it is also most expensive among them. My complaints also for these products are their big package and sometimes it got the wrong side on, so I have to carefully check before put it on.

So, I was very delightful when I found Illustro 1 Day. As read in the package it is manufactured in Singapore. In Indonesia, it is only available in Optik Melawai. What I love about this softlens is its super slim package, claimed to be the thinnest in the world! which is very essential for travelling. I also love its modern design, which guarantee a right side is popped out and ready to put on.

Its normal price is more expensive than Acuvue Moist/ Ciba Dailies but cheaper than Acuvue Trueye. But it is still on promotion buy 2 get 3 until 24 November 2016 – so for now it is the cheapest daily disposable lens in Indonesian market.

For more information of Illustro 1 Day, follow this link:


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